Hanumaan Temple


According to mythological story, in Dawpar yug Lord Krishana took the way of district at the time of going to Kurukshetra war from Hastinapur and in this way the sited under the trees of Barne in Hunuman Dham Shamli and took this sweet water from the old well, later sign of power the Baba Bharang Bali Booned this Holy place Shamli. That’s why this name of this city was “Shamvali” previously and then got converted into “shayma nagri” and now it is know as Shamli. According to some stories, this nagar was constructed by Kunti’s son Bheem Sen.

Photo Gallery

  • Main Hanuman Idol
  • The statue of Krishna and Arjuna while teaching Gita
  • Krishan And and Arjun Statue

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport is at delhi 138 Kms from Shamli.

By Train

Nearest railway station is at Shamli.

By Road

It is well connected with National Highway NH709A